Caswell House Fairy Light Star Canopy Video

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Here's another little video showing off one of our canopies.

This time it's the fairy light star canopy in Wenman's Barn at Caswell House. It's only a few short clips, but hopefully it helps to give an impression of how the canopy fits into the space.

Caswell House Fairy Light Star Canopy

In Wenman's Barn there are five black steel rods across the width of the room, roughly in line with the main wooden beams above. The star canopy hangs from a high point that is central to those rods, with the "arms" of the star radiating out to the ends of the rods plus some additional points on the outermost two.

This means the canopy sits neatly above the main section of the barn, which is often used as the seating area for the wedding ceremony and then later for the wedding breakfast and subsequently as the dance floor in the evening.

As with all of our canopy designs for Caswell House, the fairy lights can be controlled from the easy-to-use controller supplied.

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