Caswell House Fairy Light Star Canopy

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Our star-shaped canopy of fairy lights sits neatly above the ceremony area in Wenman's Barn at Caswell House.

The lights radiate out from a high point in the middle to lower points around the walls, making a pretty display not only for the wedding ceremony but for the whole day!

Caswell House Fairy Light Star Canopy

Fairy Light Star Canopy Above Ceremony

Caswell House Fairy Light Star Canopy

Combined with a Fairy Light Backdrop and Uplighting

The same area of the barn is usually used again later in the day as the dance floor, and the fairy lights overhead are superb for adding an extra element of sparkle as you dance the night away. They look amazing in evening photos and work really well combined with our controllable uplighting or a fairy light backdrop behind the band or DJ as you can see in the second photo.

As with most of our canopies, the lights are dimmable so that they can be lovely and bright during the day and then turned down in the evening for a nice soft glow without spoiling the atmosphere on the dance floor.

There are lots more lighting ideas for Caswell House on our Caswell House lighting page, or if you'd like a brochure you can request one here.

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