Edison Bulb Hanging Ladder with Foliage

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Originally built for a photo shoot, our Edison bulb top table feature has had an upgrade!

We took a gorgeously rustic wooden ladder and added lots of chic Edison bulbs in wire cages with lush dangly green foliage. Here's the result in two different venues.

Edison Bulb Hanging Ladder with Foliage

Positioned above top table area (Monks Barn)

Edison Bulb Hanging Ladder with Foliage

Hanging above the rear barn doors (Ufton Court)

Edison Bulb Hanging Ladder with Foliage

Centrally positioned above top table area (Ufton Court)

Edison Bulb Hanging Ladder with Foliage

Edison filament bulbs in wire cages (Ufton Court)

When we first got our hands on it, the ladder was in a bit of a sorry state. It was absolutely covered in paint splashes, bumps and scrapes from years of hard use! After a full day spent sanding, fixing and staining it looked fantastic and still retained that lovely rustic charm.

Next we added a custom wiring harness to allow us to hang plenty of pretty Edison bulbs from it at varying heights. The bulbs come in mixed sizes and shapes, with various different styles of filament inside. Each bulb is enclosed in a stylish metal wire cage, each of which was hand painted to match the overall style of the display.

Finally it was topped off with lots of luscious green foliage hanging down from the ladder in amongst the bulbs.

Designed to be installed above the top table, the ladder can be suspended either directly under a beam or between two beams or similar fixing points. It was used twice recently at the Monks' Barn and at Ufton Court. At the Monks' Barn it was suspended at one end of the barn and at Ufton Court it was hung between two beams, positioning it in front of the beautiful rustic barn doors.

In both cases we were really pleased with how it looked!

There's more information on our options for decorating your wedding with Edison bulbs on our Edison bulbs page, or feel free to contact us if you'd like to know more.

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