Fairy Light Pillars and Swags at Rushall Farm

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Similar to many other barns, the Black Barn at Rushall Manor Farm has a row of pillars along one of its long sides and in this case that's where the top table was going to be.

What better way to frame the wedding party, light the space, and create a focal point than to wind lots of lovely sparkly fairy lights around and between the beams?

Fairy Light Pillars and Swags at Rushall Farm

Fairy Light Pillars and Swags at Rushall Farm

For this summer wedding at Rushall Farm, the couple wanted to position their top table in front of the rear wooden doors, behind the row of pillars that runs along the barn's length. Having settled on a festoon light canopy over the main section of the barn, we moved on to discussing ways to light the smaller overhang section behind the pillars.

After talking over the options, the bride and groom decided to go for fairy lights wrapped around and swagged between the pillars. In our Rushall Farm lighting brochure we call this design Fairy Light Pillars and Swags.

We think it was a fab choice as it gives lots of flattering, warm white light and draws attention to the side of the room where the wedding party would be seated, while adding plenty of sparkle to the room especially for the evening. Speaking of the evening, both the festoon canopy and the fairy lights were separately dimmable for just the right ambience at party time.

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