Fairy Lighting in Barns

Oakwood Events Blog Post

Barns are ideal for expressing individual style as their beams and pillars allow you the flexibility of hanging bunting, ribbons, fairy lights, festoons, lanterns, mirror balls and chandeliers.

By far the most popular for us is fairy lights. They add sparkle and a warm candlelight colour, reducing the reliance on standard lights and can be used on beams and pillars. Large ceiling installations give a WOW factor unlike anything else.

Find some examples of barn fairy light ceilings below.

Depending on the fixing points, shrugs, canopies, swags and drapes can all work wonderfully. Fairy light installations can be formal and symmetrical or relaxed and non-uniform, to suit the style of the event.

A long fairy light star at Wasing Park, with uplighting

A triple swag canopy at the Monks' Barn

A two swag canopy in Lainston House

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