Lighting the Archers Hall at Ufton Court

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The Archer's Hall is the smaller of the two main barns used for weddings at Ufton Court, sitting across the gardens from the larger Tithe Barn.

It's great as an extra breakout space, especially in the evening when guests might appreciate somewhere to chat or take a break from the music in the main barn.

Festoon lights in the Archers Hall

Festoon lights in the Archers Hall

To make the hall that little bit more inviting, why not add some simple festoon lights under each of the wooden beams? They give a lovely soft glow to the room which means the bright fluorescent strip lights can be left switched off for a much more cosy feel.

On this occasion we installed the festoon lights combined with a large fairy light canopy in the Tithe Barn, giving both spaces a little extra sparkle!

If you'd like to discuss lighting for your wedding at Ufton Court, please feel free to contact us here.

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