Neon Lit Love Letters

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We're really excited about our brand new neon style lit letters!

Here they are spelling out the classic "LOVE" above the area used for wedding ceremonies and the dance floor at Caswell House in Oxfordshire.

Neon LOVE Letters

Neon LOVE Letters

Neon LOVE Letters

Neon Lit LOVE Letters with Coloured Backlighting

This LOVE sign was specially designed to fit into the space above the rear door and has a special feature - controllable coloured backlighting!

The backlighting can be switched on and off separately to the neon itself so it could be left switched off or set to a static colour during the day, then put into a colour-changing disco mode for the dancing later on.

The LOVE letters are controlled by our easy to use touch screen controller so you can choose your look at any time during your wedding day.

Feel free to get in touch if you'd like to know more!

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