Outdoor Fairy Lights at Ufton Court

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It's so nice to be able to step outside Ufton Court's Tithe Barn for a few minutes in the beautiful courtyard and gardens. To make sure you and your wedding guests can continue to enjoy the outdoor space after dark it's a good idea to add some lighting outside, but how to do that in a way that looks good?

Outdoor Fairy Lights at Ufton Court

Outdoor Fairy Lights at Ufton Court

Here's one simple, pretty and seriously effective solution!

We can hang lots of sparkly fairy lights cascading from top to bottom of the barn's large wooden doors. They look great in the day and give out lots of lovely golden light in the evening, lighting up the surrounding area with a soft glow that's perfect for sitting out on Ufton Court's comfy outdoor furniture.

As well as helping to light up the outdoor space, the lights also frame the entrance to the barn and make a fantastic photo opportunity for some evening shots in front of the shimmering fairy light backdrop!

There are lots more lighting suggestions for Ufton Court on our Ufton Court Wedding Lighting page.

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