Random Loops of Festoon Lights

Oakwood Events Blog Post

We seem to have been at Ufton Court a lot in the past year!

We've built up quite a portfolio of different designs, including this one which makes use of the high beams to hang lots of random loops of festoon lights all over the main barn.

Random Loops of Festoon Lights

The festoon lights help to break up the large ceiling space and create a relaxed, informal atmosphere. They give a soft, warm light and are particularly effective after dark when they create hundreds of beautiful points of light overhead.

The high beams and white walls in Ufton Court's barn allow for lots of exciting lighting possibilities. Especially popular are fairy light canopies, paper lanterns and uplighting.

For other ideas and examples of our lighting in the barn at Ufton Court, please see our Ufton Court lighting page.

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