Fairy Light Star Canopy at Ufton Court

Oakwood Events Blog Post

One of our most popular lighting displays at Ufton Court is a star-shaped canopy of fairy lights with paper lanterns hanging from the lights.

When we were asked recently to create a simpler (but no less sparkly!) look by installing the same canopy but without the lanterns, we were only too pleased to help.

Ufton Court Star Canopy

The warm white fairy lights radiate out from a central point, which is suspended in the middle of the barn, to the pillars and the opposite wall.

The result is a simple, elegant lighting display that works really well with the barn's existing fairy lights.

We supply the lights with a simple to operate dimmer control so that they can be turned down in the evening if required.

For more information on the lighting we offer at Ufton Court, please take a look at the main Ufton Court Lighting page, or feel free to contact us to discuss lighting options for your wedding.

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