Great Barn, Ruislip Wedding Lighting

The Great Barn at Manor Farm in Ruislip is a very large, very beautiful space and is ideal for larger weddings.

A row of pillars runs along both sides of the barn, which are perfect for attaching fairy lights, festoons or runs of paper lanterns as a way of adding some extra sparkle and intimacy to such a large room. LED uplighters can be added at the base of the pillars or in the bays between them for a splash of colour and additional light.

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Great Barn Lighting Ideas

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights make a real difference in this enormous barn, transforming the space by adding sparkle and light.

Lights can be wound around the pillars and/or strung between them in long elegant swags.

The lights provide attractive, warm light in the earlier parts of the day and can then be dimmed in the evening to form a stunning, sparkly backdrop to your evening entertainment.

Some of our most popular fairy light designs for the Great Barn are listed below:

  • Wound pillars & swags - lights are wound around the pillars and a double swag of lights connect the pillars together along each side of the barn.
  • Triple swags - three strands of lights suspended in long swags from the pillars.
  • Crossed strands - lights criss-cross between the pillars to form a series of overhead crosses along the length of the barn.

Festoon Lights

Perfect for rustic, vintage or festival styled weddings, festoon lights work fantastically as a crossed strand canopy, where the lights are attached to each pillar and form a series of overhead crosses along the length of the barn. Lights can also be run along both sides of the barn, swagged between the pillars.

Festoons work particularly well combined with paper lanterns attached to selected bulbs as a way of bringing the wedding colours into the design.

We install our festoons on easy to use dimmers so that they can be turned down in the evening if required.

Paper Lanterns

Lanterns are an excellent choice for the Great Barn as they can be used to add colour, visual interest and to lower the apparent ceiling height. Plus they can even be used as colour-changing disco lighting in the evening!

We have a large range of lantern colours to choose from which can be mixed and matched to the colour scheme of the wedding.

Our lit lantern canopy is very special - during the day the lanterns are lit as normal, and can of course be dimmed if required. In the evening they can optionally be switched into "disco mode", where they all begin to change through a coordinated sequence of colours to complement your evening entertainment.

Suitable lantern designs include:

  • Overhead canopy : lit lanterns are hung from supporting lines attached to the pillars.
  • Add to fairy lights : unlit lanterns are attached to a fairy light design e.g. crossed strands or pillars & swags.
  • Add to festoon lights : unlit lanterns are added to selected bulbs on a festoon canopy e.g. crossed strands or swags.


LED uplighting adds colour to the barn and is the perfect way to transform the mood of the venue from daytime to evening.

We supply a simple controller with a button for each of your chosen moods. All of the lights are controlled by the wireless controller, so switching between settings is as simple as pushing a single button.

An example uplighting setup might be:

  • Day : a sophisticated gold to complement fairy lights and create an intimate atmosphere for dining.
  • Early evening / first dance : a colour of choice to work with the wedding colour scheme.
  • Dancing : synchronised gradual colour changing for a full-room effect to complement band or disco lighting.

Uplighters may be added along the entire length of the barn or around the dance floor area only, in which case they can be left switched off until required in the evening.

Professional Installation

Access times for setting up and packing down at the Great Barn are often relatively tight and must be strictly adhered to. We have a lot of experience installing lighting as efficiently as possible in this and many other venues so we're able to install large scale displays while causing the minimum disruption to you and your other suppliers who will also need to set up at the same time.

All lighting installations, particularly those that involve overhead lighting, have stringent safety requirements which must be met to ensure the safety of you and your guests. All of our installations are designed with safety in mind, using only high quality professional equipment which is regularly inspected and maintained.

We hold relevant public liability insurance (PLI), portable appliance testing (PAT), electrical safety and working at height certification.

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The images on this page show some examples of our previous work at this wonderful venue. For lots more images of our work, see our Great Barn Pinterest board.

To discuss lighting options and ideas for your wedding in the Great Barn, please contact us here.

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