Loseley Park Tithe Barn Wedding Lighting

Originally two separate barns which were moved into their current position and combined into one large space, the Tithe Barn at Loseley Park is a fascinating building which makes a stunning wedding venue set in equally stunning grounds.

The combination of two barns has created an unusual arrangement of beams which create a natural divide between the dining area and the dance floor. This makes it perfect for decorating the two areas in different but complementary ways using various types of lighting including fairy lights, chandeliers, paper lanterns, Edison bulbs and uplighting.

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Loseley Park Lighting Ideas

Loseley Park Tithe Barn Fairy Lights

Fairy Lights

A canopy of bright, warm white fairy lights over the main dining area, the dance floor, or both.

The lights give a soft, warm glow during the wedding breakfast and can be dimmed later in the day to create a sparkly backdrop to your evening entertainment.

Some of our most popular fairy light designs for Loseley are listed below:

  • Gathered : lights hang from three beams, gathered more closely at the centre fixing point to form a bow shape.
  • Crossed strands : strands of lights form a series of crosses between the beams.
  • Single swag : parallel strands of lights suspended from two beams in one long swag.
Loseley Park Tithe Barn Chandelier


The barn's beams are ideal for hanging our beautiful chandeliers, which are available in several different styles (click here for details).

Hang several chandeliers in a row along the centre of the barn, or combine them with fairy lights at the centre of a gathered canopy or between the crosses formed by a crossed strand canopy.

Loseley Park Tithe Barn Paper Lanterns

Paper Lanterns

A cluster of lit paper lanterns suspended above the dance floor looks beautiful both on the day and in the photos of your first dance.

We have a large range of lantern colours available which can be mixed and patching to suit the colour scheme of the wedding. During the day each lantern is individually lit by a warm white light bulb inside each one.

In the evening they can be dimmed or can optionally be switched into "disco mode", which makes all of the lanterns change through a coordinated sequence of colours for an impressive disco effect above the dance floor.

Alternatively, unlit paper lanterns can be added as a finishing touch to some of our fairy light canopies.

Loseley Park Tithe Barn Edison Bulbs

Edison Bulbs

An array of gorgeous bare filament bulbs hanging from the beams.

The bulbs come in mixed sizes, shapes and styles of filament and are hung at randomly varying heights to create a truly unique display. The bulbs are of course fully dimmable and give a lovely warm, golden light.

Loseley Park Tithe Barn Uplighting


A simple but very effective lighting solution, uplighters placed around the walls of the barn can serve multiple purposes throughout the day, transforming the mood from day to evening to night.

We supply the lights with an easy to use wireless controller so that the colour and brightness of the uplighters can easily be changed throughout the different parts of the day.

Fabric Drapes

Fabric Drapes

Sumptuous fabric drapes complement white table linens and soften the lines of the barn, helping to create a more intimate atmosphere for your wedding.

At Loseley Park, drapes can be attached to the beams in an up-and-over style to create an arch shape. Alternatively faux curtain drops can be added to both ends of the beam and dropped to the floor.

We use wide, high quality flame-retardant voile for our drapes ensuring safety and a lush, luxurious look.

Professional Installation

We have built up a lot of experience installing lighting at Loseley Park so we're able to install large scale displays as efficiently as possible while causing the minimum disruption.

Overhead lighting installations have stringent safety requirements which must be met to ensure the safety of you and your guests. All of our installations are designed with safety in mind, using only high quality professional equipment which is regularly inspected and maintained.

We hold relevant public liability insurance (PLI), portable appliance testing (PAT), electrical safety and working at height certification.

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The images on this page show some examples of our previous work at Loseley Park. For lots more images of our work, see our Loseley Park Pinterest board.

To discuss lighting options and ideas for your wedding at Loseley Park, please contact us here.

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