Widthways Fairy Light Canopy at Caswell House

Another trip to Caswell House, this time to install one of our favourite fairy light designs - a widthways canopy.

Widthways Fairy Light Canopy at Caswell House

The lights are suspended side-to-side across the width of the barn to create a dense, sparkly canopy of lights over the entire dining area of Wenman's Barn.

The fairy lights are bright enough to make an impressive impact during the day, but can also be turned down a little in the evening as we install them with easy to operate dimmer controls.

For more information on the various lighting designs we offer at Caswell House, please see our main Caswell House Lighting page, or feel free to contact us to discuss lighting options for your wedding.

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Customers Say...
I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and Steve for the beautiful fairy lighting for our wedding! Thursday the 11th was absolutely manic for all of us and I'm sorry I didn't get meet you at Caswell House.

It looked absolutely amazing in the barns (both of them!) and the lights got many compliments from our guests!