Wireless Outdoor Uplighters

Our new wireless outdoor uplighters are fantastic for lighting up an outdoor space.

Wireless outdoor uplighters and fairy lights

Seen here at the Monks Barn in Hurley, they were combined with fairy lights on the trees and around the hedge line. The outdoor uplighters are completely wireless, very bright and can be set to any colour.

We supply them preprogrammed to switch on and off at the right times to suit your event so there’s no need to remember to turn them on when the time comes and they’ll light the way as your guests leave at the end of the night, safely switching themselves off automatically.

Please see our main outdoor lighting hire page for more ideas or feel free to contact us to discuss outdoor lighting for your event.

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Customers Say...
Just wanted to thank you again for the beautiful lighting you put up in Monks Barn in April for our wedding.

The pictures look absolutely stunning, it was such a beautiful day.