Cogges Manor Farm Controllable LED Uplighting

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The barns at Cogges Farm don't receive much natural light, which presents an opportunity to really shape the atmosphere inside with creative lighting.

Controllable LED uplighting is the perfect starting point for adding light, setting the mood and transforming the feel of the barns as your wedding progresses from day to night.

Cogges Manor Farm Controllable LED Uplighting

Cosy warm white uplighting for the day

Cogges Manor Farm Controllable LED Uplighting

Evening transformation at the touch of a button!

The humble uplighter is often overlooked, but in fact it's one of the most effective and versatile lighting options available. Modern LED uplighters can produce a whole range of colours from white to soft pastels to bright bold colours, and they are a wonderful complement to other forms of lighting such as chandeliers or festoon lights, filling in the light at the edge of the barn and highlighting the texture of the stone walls.

The difference they make to the atmosphere of the barns is amazing!

Our uplighters are very high quality units that come with a custom touch screen controller which gives you full control over the colour and brightness of the lights at any time during your event. The most common way to use this would be to set them to white (or another static colour) during the day while guests are arriving and enjoying the wedding breakfast, followed by setting them to a different colour or colour-change mode during the evening's entertainment.

The photos here show the difference a quick change of colour makes - white for the day followed by pink for the evening. The mirror ball seen casting sparkly white dots around the dance floor in the second photo also demonstrates how well coloured uplighters can work as part of the disco lighting for the evening - this combo looks fantastic together!

We have lots of different lighting options for Cogges, which you can find here, or if you'd like to talk through some ideas in person please get in touch via our contact form here.

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