Disco Lantern Hire for Weddings & Events

A stunning canopy of paper lanterns suspended overhead, with an amazing hidden feature...

The lanterns look perfectly normal during the day, each one lit with a soft warm white light inside. Then at the touch of a button they switch into a dazzling, colour-changing disco mode!

This video shows a canopy of disco lanterns combined with fairy lights. In this case the lanterns were all white, but they can be any colour or combination of colours!

Transform Your Venue at the Flick of a Switch

The paper lanterns can be white or any mixture of colours, just as a normal lantern canopy would be. During the day there's nothing about them to give away their secret so they look exactly like a standard paper lantern display - perfect to decorate your wedding venue in your choice of colours.

Then when the time is right, press a button on the discreet controller and the entire canopy will change its appearance as it starts to fade through synchronised sequences of colours.

The lanterns are great for hanging above a dance floor, and they're bright enough that they can genuinely replace normal disco lights.

It's the perfect "stealth disco"!

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