Disco Lighting Hire for Weddings & Events

When it comes to the evening section of an event and it's time for dancing, nothing impresses more than a fully fledged nightclub lighting system installed above the dance floor.

We supply and install temporary disco lighting systems for weddings, parties and events using a range of professional, intelligent lighting units for the night of your life!

Everything is fully installed and pre-programmed so that the synchronised, automated lighting sequences will run at the touch of a button.

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Venue Transformation

Our lighting systems are tailored to suit each specific venue. In venues with a dedicated dance floor area, for example a separate room or behind a reveal curtain, we can install a large, impressive system with access to the full range of effects.

In venues where the dance floor serves another function during the day we can install a more discreet system which blends into the background while it's switched off, but comes to life and transforms the room for the evening.

The video below shows an example disco lighting system installed in an area that will be used for both the wedding ceremony during the day and also as the dance floor in the evening:

Disco Lights

Where appropriate, our systems can include the following types of effect:

  • Colour-changing wash lights - project ever-changing colour sequences onto the dance floor
  • Moving heads - synchronised moving projectors with patterns and colours
  • Mirror balls - the classic glitterball effect
  • Ultraviolet - UV light makes things glow in the dark
  • Lasers - beams and patterns
  • Smoke machines - fun on the dance floor and highlight beams of light in mid-air
  • Trussing - aluminium support structure for hanging lighting effects

Professional Installation

We've built up a lot of experience installing lighting in many of the most prestigious wedding venues. We select the most appropriate equipment and installation methods for each event and always respect the buildings in which we work. We use only temporary, non-damaging fixings, taking care to consider power requirements and aethestics by minimising visible cabling.

We hold PLI, PAT, and electrical safety certification but more importantly we have a rigorous attitude to safety. All of our equipment is regularly inspected and maintained and the breadth of our experience means that we are preferred suppliers in the most prestigious venues who value safe, reliable and efficient installations. We are experienced in providing large on-the-day installations under time pressure and packing down with the minimum of fuss.

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