Drape Hire for Weddings & Events

One of the most effective ways to soften a large space, our voile drapes really transform a venue with swathes of flowing fabric.

Beautifully elegant when used on their own, drapes also work fantastically well combined with lighting elements such as fairy lights and chandeliers.

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Wedding Drapes

Voile drapes are perfect for decorating a wedding. Below are some of the drapery designs we offer, some examples of which are shown in the photos on this page.

Up & Over

A drape under each beam, attached in the middle and at both ends to form an arch.

This design is perfect for framing chandeliers, especially if there are several of them along the centre of the barn.

Centre Pinched

Fabric swagged straight along a beam with a central pinch to create two swags, with the ends optionally dropping down to the floor.

This is a good choice if height is limited, or for adding to the high points of a multi-swag fairy light canopy.

Drape Crosses

Fabric drapes suspended from the beams and drawn out to the edges of the room to form a cross shape, with the ends of the fabric optionally dropping down to the floor.

This design is great for combining with a central chandelier.


Used to divide different areas of a space, as a backdrop or to cover a doorway as a reveal curtain.

Faux curtain drops can also be added to beam ends for a room-filling effect.

Combining Drapes with Lighting

Drapes can optionally be lit by adding fairy lights tucked into the swags, which gives a lovely shimmer to the light from the bulbs as it passes through the fabric. Alternatively, unlit drapes under the beams can be used to complement various fairy light canopy designs such as crossed strands or a multi-swag fairy light canopy.

Chandeliers look fantastic at the centre of an up-and-over drape, whether the chandeliers are supplied by us or a permanent fixture in the venue.

Placing an LED uplighter at the base of a drape as it drops to the floor creates a dramatic effect, lighting up the vertical drape in a colour of your choice.

Draping Fabric

Not all fabric is suitable for use as drapes. Many cheaper fabrics have a tendency to give an inconsistent, "baggy" look when installed as swags and drapes. Also, all fabric used for draping should be treated with a flame retardant for safety and insurance reasons - in fact many venues don't allow the use of untreated fabric.

We use the highest quality, flame retardant fabric for our drapes to ensure stunning results and to comply with safety requirements.

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