Fairy Light Backdrop at Ufton Court

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What better way is there to add some magical sparkle to your wedding ceremony than by holding it in front of a huge curtain of pretty fairy lights?

(It looks pretty good at night, too!)

Fairy Light Backdrop at Ufton Court

Fairy Light Backdrop

Fairy Light Curtain at Ufton Court

Fairy Light Curtain

Wedding ceremonies in the Tithe Barn at Ufton Court are usually oriented facing into one end of the barn where there is a large white wall behind the ceremony area itself. This enormous curtain of sparkly fairy lights covered that wall as a beautiful backdrop to the wedding ceremony while adding lots of lovely soft, warm light.

Later in the day the same part of the barn is transformed into the dance floor, and the fairy lights come into their own again as a backdrop behind the band or DJ and no doubt making an appearance in a few photos from the dance floor!

We fitted the backdrop neatly around the shelves either side of the ceremony, leaving them free for flower arrangements to be added later and for maximum impact we attached the lights at the point where the wall meets the ceiling, which makes the entire curtain an impressive 6m wide by 5m high!

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