Ufton Court Fairy Light Star and Paper Lanterns Video

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Still a firm favourite, here's our fairy light star canopy with lit paper lanterns in Ufton Court's Tithe Barn.

Ufton Court Star and Lanterns Canopy

This large canopy gives good coverage of the barn while creating a fantastic focal point in the middle, right above the top table, and looks absolutely amazing in photos.

A star shaped canopy of bright fairy lights hangs from a central point and out to the pillars and walls of the barn. Individally lit paper lanterns are then hung from the fairy lights to create the spectacular display shown here.

Everything is easy to operate from a custom controller (usually installed behind the bar) which allows the fairy lights to be dimmed for the evening and the colours of the bulbs inside the paper lanterns can be changed if desired for some stunning effects. Although not shown in the video above, the dramatic transformation this achieves can be seen in this blog post.

The combination of sage and mixed pinks looked fantastic. We have a large range of paper lantern colours to choose from, with a handy tool that makes it easy to play with various colour combinations here.

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