Ufton Court Festoon Random Loops with Lanterns

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Here's our festoon random loops canopy at Ufton Court, this time with lit paper lanterns dotted around hanging on the festoons.

Festoon Random Loops with Paper Lanterns

First the festoon lights are hung informally around the barn, creating a lovely rustic canopy overhead.

Then the paper lanterns are added, hanging from the festoon lights and adding a gorgeous touch of personalisation with plenty of wow factor! Each lantern is individually lit and the lantern lights can be controlled separately from the festoons (which are also dimmable) to make the lanterns change colour for the evening's dancing.

The paper lanterns are available in a wide range of colours. You can experiment with different colour combinations on our paper lantern colour chart page.

Together, the festoon lights and the lit paper lanterns fill the barn with a good level of soft light which really helps to create a more intimate, relaxed atmosphere in this large space, particularly in the evening once the natural light fades and the festoons and lanterns come into their own.

We love working at Ufton Court! If you'd like a brochure showing what we offer there you can request one here.

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