Widthways Fairy Light Canopy at Caswell House, Witney

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Here's the fairy light canopy that we showed at the Caswell House Spring Open Day. It's a widthways canopy, meaning that it runs from side to side across the width of the barn, creating a sparkly ceiling of lights.

Widthways Fairy Light Canopy

Widthways Fairy Light Canopy

The widthways canopy is one of the most popular designs for Wenman's Barn because it uses so many lights. We're often asked what the difference is between this and the crossed strands canopy (which creates a series of crosses of lights between the barn's beams). The answer is that they're both pretty but this one uses far more fairy lights! Another popular fairy light design for the same room is the multiswag canopy, in which the lights are turned around to run in parallel lines along the length of the barn. It's quite a different look but uses a similar amount of fairy lights.

There are some more images of the various fairy light canopy designs and other canopy types on our Caswell House lighting page and you can find blog posts about each of them here.

Also visible in this photo are our LED uplighters, lighting up the walls. In this case they're set to warm white, which is usually the preferred choice during the day, but they can be set to any colour or one of the disco modes in the evening (or any time the mood takes you!) Note that Wenman's Barn does have built-in warm white uplighters set into the floor so if warm white is all that's needed then our uplighters probably aren't necessary, but if colour or disco modes are required then they're ideal.

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