Drapes, Fairy Lights and Edison Bulbs

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Here's a lovely wedding lighting canopy that incorporates multiple elements for an incredible effect.

The couple for this wedding at Ufton Court chose our fairy light star canopy (so called because of the star shape it makes if you look it from a bird-seye view) with white voile drapes and topped off with an Edison bulb cartwheel chandelier in the centre.

Canopy of drapes, fairy lights and bulbs

Canopy of drapes, fairy lights and bulbs

Central Edison bulb chandelier

Central Edison bulb chandelier

The fairy light star canopy hangs in the middle of the barn, suspended between the middle two beams, and radiates out to the pillars on one side of the barn and the wall on the other. The soft voile drapes follow the cross shape created by four of the strands of fairy lights at the centre of the canopy, making a dramatic cross of flowing fabric that frames both sets of barn doors and the top table.

The Edison bulb cartwheel chandelier was added right in the middle of the canopy, incorporating lots of gorgeous, warm glowing bulbs as a central feature to the barn as a whole.

Also shown are LED uplighters around the walls, adding yet more soft light throughout the barn.

This is a great design from the point of view of wedding photos because it not only creates a fabulous central feature in the barn but also perfectly frames the top table for photos taken during the wedding breakfast and speeches.

Ufton Court is one of our most visited venues, and we love it. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you'd like a brochure or to talk through ideas for your wedding at Ufton.

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