Ufton Court Fairy Light Backdrop on the Rear Doors

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We added this shimmering backdrop of fairy lights to the rear doors behind the top table for a wintery wedding at Ufton Court, alongside a multi-swag fairy light canopy and LED uplighters.

Fairy Light Backdrop on the Rear Doors

Fairy Light Backdrop on the Rear Doors

Backdrop, multi-swag canopy and uplighting

Backdrop, Multi-Swag Canopy and Uplighting

Fairy Light Backdrop Without Curtains

Fairy Light Backdrop Without Curtains

View of the backdrop from the barn entrance

View of the Backdrop from the Barn Entrance

The bright, dense fairy lights looked super sparkly behind the sheer curtains for that real wow factor behind the happy couple.

In this case the curtains were the bride's own but we do have similar curtains available or it could be left without curtains if preferred. What's celever about the fairy lights is that they're fixed directly to the doors so that, unlike a standard curtain hung from the pole, they don't block access to the rear doors which are used by the wedding party and their suppliers for loading in/out of the barn. These lights are actually in two halves which pivot open with the doors, then neatly come together to form a complete curtain when the doors are closed!

Shown in the ceiling is our multi-swag canopy of fairy lights and around the walls are our controllable LED uplighters.

If you'd like to know more about this or any of our other designs for Ufton Court, why not take a look at our main Ufton Court lighting page? Alternatively you can get in touch for a quote or to discuss lighting ideas for your wedding in this beautiful setting.

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